Why Choose Scope Ophthalmics

60 Minute rapid response

We believe patient focused customer service is fundamental to our success. Testament to that is our incredible one-hour guarantee. This means that any customer who contacts Scope Ophthalmics from Monday to Friday (9am-5pm) will receive an answer within 60 minutes. 

Our product is one of a kind…
  • Most fish oil is sold in ethyl ester form, which is poorly absorbed by the body and can be potentially harmful in large quantities, and often results in side-effects such as ‘fishy burps’.
  • PRN adds one more step (re-esterfication, which is the removal of alcohol) to the manufacturing process to convert the contaminant-free ethyl ester form back into a naturally occurring triglyceride.
  • Omega Eye is so pure, it’s just like eating a piece of fish
  • Additionally, every batch of PRN product is third-party tested to ensure it adheres to the same standards of quality and purity as prescription products.
Did you know we also...
  • Have a team of trained nutritionists and pharmacists on hand to answer any of your questions
  • We offer a free courier service
  • We make it our priority to understand customer’s needs. We are a family run company and this is particularly important to us

If you wish to speak to one of our sales or customer service team, please contact our head office in the UK on Freephone 0800 270 0253 and we can give you the details that you need. Please note that the freephone number is only manned during office hours and does not have a voicemail service.