Omega 3 The Beginning

It all started with a trip to Greenland in 1970. Three Danes, a couple of dogsleds, and several years of study later, and omega-3 was born. Since then, awareness, understanding and the benefits of marine omega-3 has sky-rocketed

1970 Dr Jørn Dyerberg went on an expedition to Greenland to investigate why the incidence of heart disease was far lower in Greenland than in Denmark or the USA. Initially this was thought to be related to blood lipid levels, but that was not the case. Then they focused on the diet, and that's when the really interesting results appeared. Levels of omega-3 essential fatty acids in the diet were up to four times higher in the Eskimos than in the nearby Danes.

The Eskimos in Greenland had little food to eat from the land, so they got almost all of their food from the ocean, and hence the incredible differences in their diet. Since these amazing events, the use of omega-3 in healthcare has grown to epic proportions in areas of medicine such as cardiovascular (heart), ophthalmology (eyes) and neurology (brain).