The Manufacturing Process

Fish oil naturally occurs in the triglyceride form and can be pressed from fish into unpurified native oil. Unfortunately, unpurified native oils may also have high levels of PCB, dioxin and mercury contamination. Some manufacturers provide omega-3s as unpurified native oil, allowing for increased absorption by the body, but with contaminants still present. To remove these contaminants, most manufacturers concentrate and micro-distill the oil with ethyl alcohol. Most fish oil is sold in this ethyl ester form, which is poorly absorbed by the body and can be potentially harmful in large quantities, and often results in side-effects such as ‘fishy burps’.

To create pure yet potent products, PRN adds one more step (re-esterfication) to the process to convert the contaminant-free ethyl ester form back into a naturally occurring triglyceride form by removing the alcohol. Additionally, every batch of PRN product is third-party tested to ensure it adheres to the same standards of quality and purity as prescription products.

PRN’s omega-3 products are in a re-esterified triglyceride form, the same form as omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) when we absorb them from eating fish, but without the possible contaminants. The diagram above shows the three commonly available forms of omega-3 products.

Finally, PRN is committed to the environment and therefore chooses only sustainable fish as the source for its omega-3s.

Omega Eye is a custom formulated solution, offering an effective, safe and above all, natural way to address eye symptoms systemically.