Welcome to Scope Ophthalmics

Scope Ophthalmics is a pharmaceutical company that offers a highly purified and concentrated Omega 3 oral supplement throughout the UK. Our Omega eye has been the subject of extensive research and has been well tried and tested, with massive success for patients worldwide.

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid (EFA) which means that we must take it in through our diet because the body cannot make or store it. It is a potent anti-inflammatory and when taken at a therapeutic dose (4 capsules a day of our Omega Eye give 2.2g EPA and DHA - the only components of Omega 3 proven to have health benefits) will help with many functions within the body, especially the brain, heart and eyes. Unfortunately due to the changes in diets over the last 50 years and the increase of processed/fast foods and margarines and spreads in modern diets, we are now taking in far more of the pro-inflammatory omega 6 and not eating enough of the anti-inflammatory omega 3.

Our Omega Eye is in a natural triglyceride form which means it is very pure and a very high proportion is absorbed by the body compared to many other, cheaper products on the market. It also contains a therapeutic dose of the beneficial components EPA and DHA unlike 99% of the other Omega supplements on the market. It has no side effects and is just like eating a piece of fish but without the harmful toxins!

Alternatively you can call our nutritionist led team of customer service specialists who will be happy to answer any questions you have on this product and to take your order over the phone on 01293 897209 or Freephone 0800 270 0253

There are a large amount of Omega 3 products available on the market, however ours is one of the very few to provide the EPA and DHA levels required by the body on a daily basis. Please read through our website for more information on Omega 3, learn why our manufacturing process is so unique and why Omega 3 should be an essential part of your daily diet.